BCRB '18

DSN Workshop on Byzantine Consensus and Resilient Blockchains

June 25, 2018, Luxembourg City, Luxembourg


Session 1 (09:15 - 10:30) Welcome & Keynote

Session Chair: Tobias Distler
09:15 Welcome
Alysson Bessani, Hans P. Reiser, Marko Vukolić, and Tobias Distler
09:30 [Keynote] Blockchain Security and Dependability Challenges: A Viewpoint
Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo

Session 2 (11:00 - 12:30) Resilient Blockchains

Session Chair: Alysson Bessani
11:00 Protecting Early Stage Proof-of-Work based Public Blockchain
Lin Chen, Lei Xu, Zhimin Gao, Yang Lu, and Weidong Shi
11:30 Revisiting Network-Level Attacks on Blockchain Network [research statement]
Tong Cao, Jiangshan Yu, Jérémie Decouchant, and Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo
11:50 Towards Enhanced Network Privacy for Blockchains [research statement]
David Mödinger, Henning Kopp, Frank Kargl, and Franz J. Hauck
12:10 Probabilistic Formal Methods Applied to Blockchain's Consensus Protocol [research statement]
Cristian Mirto, Jiangshan Yu, Vincent Rahli, and Paulo Esteves-Veríssimo

Session 3 (14:00 - 15:40) Smart Contracts

Session Chair: Hans P. Reiser
14:00 Challenges and Pitfalls of Partitioning Blockchains
Enrique Fynn and Fernando Pedone
14:30 Towards Model-Driven Engineering of Smart Contracts for Cyber-Physical Systems
Péter Garamvölgyi, Imre Kocsis, Benjámin Gehl, and Attila Klenik
15:00 Fuzzing Ethereum Smart Contracts [research statement]
Roberto Ponte, Ibéria Medeiros, and Miguel Correia
15:20 Model Checking of Fault-Tolerant Distributed Algorithms: From Classics Towards Contemporary [research statement]
Igor Konnov and Stephan Merz

Session 4 (16:00 - 18:00) Efficient BFT Systems

Session Chair: Marko Vukolic
16:00 Latency-Aware Leader Selection for Geo-Replicated Byzantine Fault-Tolerant Systems
Michael Eischer and Tobias Distler
16:30 Towards Low-Latency Byzantine Agreement Protocols Using RDMA
Signe Rüsch, Ines Messadi, and Rüdiger Kapitza
17:00 Visualizing BFT SMR Distributed Systems - Example of BFT-SMaRt
Noëlle Rakotondravony and Hans P. Reiser
17:30 Dynamic State Partitioning in Parallelized Byzantine Fault Tolerance
Bijun Li, Wenbo Xu, and Rüdiger Kapitza